Book Launch Party Success! Feel free to watch how it went.

Book Launch Party Success! Feel free to watch how it went.

So my Book Launch Party was a huge success. It was an absolute delight to run around a fantasy world with my readers and friends and weirdly it felt quite traditional in some ways (afterall, we did have a reading in a Library … sort of).

You can watch the VOD of the event above if you want to see how it went. I am extremely happy and hyper throughout. It was described by attendees Chimerical Girls as ‘it had such a fantastic “childrens’ birthday party” energy and we mean that in the best possible way’ and I think that sums it up perfectly!

And here’s a couple group shots from the event!

Screenshot from Feral showing the creatures gathered in a library for the reading.
My view from the author’s chair in the library Reading Room.


group photo with names showing all the creature avatars of the attendees sitting together at the end
Group photo taken at the end of the event by Caitie Sith

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