Cry for help

She heard howling in the night: desperate, ragged calls that faded into brokenness. The neighbours’ dogs were silent.

She put on coat and boots and stepped out into chill air under a hazy moon. Her footsteps squelched along a pavement still moist from the memory of rain.

She followed the howls away from her house and up the hill to the old churchyard. No foxes or rabbits skittered past; no bats hunted above.

A hulking figure crouched on the churchyard wall.

It was a misshapen thing of fur and fangs and bulging muscles. A twisted wolf-creature, man-like only in the broadest strokes.… Read more


Another microfiction I wrote for Mastodon.

‘Please help me,’ she said. She wrung her hands, hoping THIS would be the doctor who listened. ‘Every month, I experience memory loss –‘


‘Listen! My skin burns. I’ve been bringing up weird things — bones and fur. I come home covered in mud –‘

‘Pregnant, then? Tummy troubles would not be uncommon if so.’

‘It’s not — I’m not — would you please LISTEN?’

Later, she would vomit up a stethoscope. It didn’t concern her as much this time.Read more