Never the Sky

I wrote a serial toot fiction for mastodon written in 1 toot a day for every day of October (or that was the plan, anyway!) It was a labour of love, so I wanted to share it here before it disappears into the archives of social media. I hope you like it.


I stepped out of the door and into heavy rain. Crushed leaves slushed the streets and the grass was still brittle with the memory of summer.

My boots skidded and slipped on the doorstep. I caught myself and examined the floor.

The culprit was a small blue card, bright against the cement.… Read more

Making Friends

My short story Making Friends is now available for all to read. (CW for moderate violence and undead things)

Everyone wanted Gretel to make friends, but she was running out of materials. She watched her parents argue about it, voices low, their faces half-lit by the dying ember-fire.

“People are beginning to talk.” Pa rubbed his face tiredly and took a sip from his tankard of dusty ale. Shadows deepened the worry-lines on his face, making him look a part of the gnarled wood walls behind him. “I heard Sif and Mara talking about it today while scribing that new holy text.… Read more

Digital Destiny

The creature was a mismatched thing of many parts, sitting alone at the edge of the lake. Dragon wings hugged its sides while bird wings hung drably behind it. A thick tail, lizard-like, twitched across the grass. The rest of it was something between a rabbit and a dragon, all fluff and teeth and serpentine eyes.

It stared at its clawed toes, hanging over the still black water. Its head was bowed.

She approached it cautiously, wonderingly.

She’d never thought to see such a fantastical creature outside a story, or a cartoon. This was an encounter for a little girl, not a woman grown and tired.… Read more