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Glowing Feather

Their son shuffled his wings, staring down at the floor.

He was young for an aetherial and not yet grown into his fire. He looked like a star-dusted human with sunset-coloured wings.

‘It’s just that we expect you to tell us when you visit Earth,’ said his mama.

‘Whatever were you doing there?’ his other mother added.

He shrugged, still avoiding their eyes. The feathers of his wings started to glow.

His parents exchanged a look. ‘That means –‘

It must be love.

Written to the ‘Glowing feather’ prompt submitted by one of my lovely patrons.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay.Read more

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He looked down at hands that were now curled into claws. ‘So that’s it,’ he said dully. ‘I’m a demon now. Just like that.’ He looked up at the sky, where the clouds had parted for his fall.

His companion of millennia stepped toward him, the air rippling with his passage. He folded his wings and knelt beside him. ‘They’ve made a mistake,’ he whispered. ‘It’s … give them time. They’ll come around.’

Tears rolled down the first’s cheeks. ‘I’m a monster now.’

‘No! No … you could never be a monster.’ As he said the words, his own wings shrivelled and changed.… Read more

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