A small town of necromancers. A girl who wants to resurrect old magic. A boy who wants to bring back the past — and doesn’t care who has to die to get it. LIRAEL meets WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS in this librarian-and-necromancy high fantasy.

BOOKS AND BONE is complete at 98,000 words and is currently preparing for querying.



Tar has always felt like a non-player character. She never seems to have enough words to say — to her mum, to her friends, in her job. She feels like she’s just running through set lines and cannot express herself as a person. She’s tried all kinds of escapism — books, video games — but she’s heard Dungeons & Dragons is the real deal.

The only problem: she’ll have to meet people. Face-to-face. And with her awkward mix of autism and anxiety, she’s never been great with people. In fact, she’s been voice-losing, muscle-twitching, running-away bad.

NON PLAYER CHARACTER is currently being drafted. You can read the ongoing 1st draft in serial form for free on Wattpad.



Wydis attempts to tame a feral blackwing dragon in the hopes that together they can challenge the Elysian Knight laying claim to her village in the empty wilds. Only a fellow dragon rider can challenge a Knight, and only nobility are ever given the precious dragon eggs. But Wydis is not a noble and she’ll have to do without a noble dragon or the divine connection that imprinting on a hatchling brings. This blackwing could be her only hope of saving her home — if it doesn’t kill her, first.

BLACKWING WITCH is currently being drafted. You can reading the ongoing 1st draft in serial form for free on Wattpad.