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To contact me for business matters, you can reach me at my email address victoriacorvabooks(at) I’m usually pretty quick to respond.

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Fear Not This Night by Waldweg (click to view their art)

About Me

Some things about me:

  • I’m a professional audiobook narrator! I read a long-running book series to my partner years ago and discovered a love of reading aloud and a little narcissism about my own voice (I’m allowed to be a little narcisstic, right?). Now people pay me to record their books!
  • I trained in and adore animal behaviour and spend a lot of time studying wildlife. A particular area of wonder for me is birds; an area of comfort is pets.
  • I’m autistic and this has been a big revelation for me and explained a lot about my life. I didn’t get diagnosed until I was 26 but it turns out basically everyone else already knew!
  • I’m queer! I’m asexual and biromantic/panromantic, which is why you’ll see so many asexual protagonists in my fiction. I’m also non-binary and have a complicated relationship with gender. My pronouns are they / them.
  • If you hear me talking about my familiar, don’t panic: that’s my cat, Merlin. As far as we can tell, I’m the more demonic of the pair. He’s a very good witch’s companion.

I write about what fascinates me, but not necessarily what I love. That so much of my work focuses on necromancers makes sense but in an odd way. You see, I’m terrified of death and the dead. So … to write about the things that scare me — to humanize and sometimes humourize them — that’s where I find a deep well of creativity.

As for Dungeons & Dragons: it’s amazing to take something that has had such a profound effect on my life and turn it into fiction. Maybe others will relate to the story. Maybe it will bring others to the hobby. All I know is that I love writing about the experience.

If you want to get to know me, I’m shy on Twitter and I never shut-up on Mastodon. Visit me at either: I’m quite awkward but always happy for someone to say hello!

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