The Rose-girl

Someone pushed her from the boat, the sudden plunge into icy blackness muting their laughter.

She floundered in the cold and dark, the surface an ever more distant gleam of gold. She kicked hard, but it grew no nearer.

Fear gripped her. Then: a girl with dark skin that glittered pink at the edges. Tentacles swirled around her — from her hair, like rosy locks, around her legs like a trailing skirt.

She took the hands of the drowning girl.

–It’ll be okay–

The words were a whisper, mind to mind. Her smile bared sharp teeth, but kindly.

They stared at each other, one human and one other.… Read more

On Her Watch

‘Ellie, nooo …’ She crouched to sweep up the shards of glass and soak the red wine splattered across her floor like a crime scene.

She narrowed her eyes at the watching cat. ‘You never used to push things off counters.’

The queen prrted hopefully, and boffed the human’s hand when she was done. Tension melted from the human.

The queen eyed the wine bottle. She had seen another human slip something into that bottle, and nobody would hurt HER human on her watch.

Another microfiction. Image by WenPhotos / Wendy Corniquet, used under Pixabay License.… Read more

Cry for help

She heard howling in the night: desperate, ragged calls that faded into brokenness. The neighbours’ dogs were silent.

She put on coat and boots and stepped out into chill air under a hazy moon. Her footsteps squelched along a pavement still moist from the memory of rain.

She followed the howls away from her house and up the hill to the old churchyard. No foxes or rabbits skittered past; no bats hunted above.

A hulking figure crouched on the churchyard wall.

It was a misshapen thing of fur and fangs and bulging muscles. A twisted wolf-creature, man-like only in the broadest strokes.… Read more

5 Types of Household Ghosts

In support of the kickstarter for BOOKS & BONE (which funded! EEK!) I did a series of faux non-fiction toots on Mastodon detailing ghost research. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it!


5 Types of Household Ghosts

1. When you sneeze and nobody is there to say ‘bless you’, this ghost appears. It is a small, shy ghost that jumps at loud noises. It likes to play with your cat, who can see it, and it tickles your dog while they sleep.

It doesn’t usually remain for more than a few hours, but will usually tidy something away before it goes.


2.… Read more

Shattered Curse

They met in the soft glow of the shattered curse. Rose petals, thorns, and glass shards crunched beneath their feet.

The prince reached for his lover with shaking hands. He gazed up at him through long lashes. ‘It’s truly over?’

The Beast, as they called him, took the prince’s slender hands in his own heavy paws. ‘It’s over,’ he said. ‘The enchantress is gone.’

The prince drew his leonine lover into a gentle kiss.

At last, the Beast was free to love unchained.

Just a little Beauty & the Beast retelling!

Image by congerdesign, used under Pixabay License.… Read more

Strange Spells (The Exchange)

In support of the kickstarter for BOOKS & BONE, I played a game on Mastodon where people could name a gem to me, and in exchange I would write a toot-sized (or tweet-sized) encounter with a strange spell. The encounter was not necessarily related to the gem.

Here are the results. I hope you enjoy them!

Image by Josch13, under Pixabay License.


You hear a crystalline ringing like pure, musical bells. Following it to its source leads you to a café tucked into an alley. You’ve never seen it before. Its sign is faded and painted with rose petals.… Read more

Her Crown, Restored

The queen peered through the hedge, her muscles bunched tightly.

Her fur had lost its gloss and her tail, once a regal pennant, was now thin and rat-like.

She knew in her heart that she was a queen, but she looked like a beggar now. Felt like a beggar. And much as she had tried, she wouldn’t make it on her own.

She watched the woman with the others of her kind, saw the gentleness. The woman, she had been told, who could restore her crown.

The queen gathered her courage. ‘Excuse me!’ She rushed through the grass. ‘Pardon me, but –‘

She hesitated at the woman’s feet, unsure of the welcome she would receive.… Read more

Spooky-Sweet Encounters (The Exchange)

In support of the kickstarter for BOOKS & BONE, I played a game on Mastodon where people could name a plant to me, and in exchange I would write a toot-sized (or tweet-sized) spooky-sweet encounter. The encounter was not necessarily related to the plant.

Here are the results. I hope you enjoy them!

Image by Sunflair, under Pixabay License.

Campsis Radicans

You try the door handle, but something pricks your fingertip. You hold up your hand as blood wells, strangely thick and dark.

There is no sign of what hurt you, and you enter easily.

Blood drips on the table as you set down your keys; it splashes and spreads into a plate-sized plane of red.… Read more

10 Ways to Befriend a Necromancer

In support of the kickstarter for BOOKS & BONE, I did a fun little mock self-help guide to befriending a necromancer.

10 Ways to Befriend a Necromancer


How to Make Friends and Reanimate People


  1. Remember that for all their bluster, necromancers have very low self-esteem and appreciate compliments. A great opener is to comment on their robes — practical AND stylish, and the black hides blood stains perfectly.
  2. Necromancers are bad at small talk but passionate about their craft. Ask them about their method of reanimation or preferred source of “materials” to open up a dialogue.
  3. Much the way people talk about what they would do if they won the lottery, necromancers love to talk about their plan for world domination.
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Window Watcher

The cat chattered, clacking her teeth, fur rising.

His gut clenched.

‘Elsie, come away,’ Fear made his song-song tone brittle. He half-crouched toward the window.

Elsie smacked the glass with a velvet paw.

‘Come here, sweetie.’

She chirped once, then hopped down from the windowsill.

He cradled her against his chest. Her purrs were so loud, he could almost ignore the moans of the shuffling horde outside.

It wasn’t easy to have a housecat in the zombie apocalypse.

Image by StockSnap, used under Pixabay License.… Read more