A Fearsome Guardian (+ illustration!)

The dragon lowered a rainbow-hued head to sniff the small, furry morsel. To her surprise, it hissed and puffed up, and swiped at her with surprising aggression.

Perhaps it was more dangerous than it looked. She withdrew, curling her tail around her pile of gold.

The small creature stared at her, yellow eyes wide and suspicious.

Later, she found it batting at a stray piece of gold. She tried to take it back, and was again met with a hiss and a swipe.

In the night, she woke to something rumbling on her back. The creature again, now asleep and curled up in complete, purring contentment.… Read more

I’m a guest on The Protagonist Speaks!

Screenshot from The Protagonist Speaks

Author Assaph Mehr (represented by their character, Felix the Fox) hosts The Protagonist Speaks, where characters are interviewed in-world. It was a lot of fun to write and actually meant that I spent a lot of time getting more in-depth with Smythe’s history, something that will definitely show up in later books. It has all the long-winded, completely unself-aware chatter of Smythe with the added juiciness of some tidbits never seen before in-story.

Please do have a read, and be sure to check out the many other character interviews on The Protagonist Speaks!

https://theprotagonistspeaks.com/2019/10/15/chandrian-smythe-of-books-bone-by-victoria-corva/comment-page-1/?unapproved=15354&moderation-hash=6e0d33b344ab03638c393a2ac215fe0a#comment-15354Read more

Exclusive Short Story: Tales from the Asylum on RockstarLit Book Asylum!

As part of the competition BOOKS & BONE is entered in (the Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off), RockstarLit Book Asylum invited authors to submit short stories of the characters from their book when put in an Asylum.

And thus we have the story of Ree in Room 11.

It takes place outside the TOMBTOWN canon but I really enjoyed writing it and I hope you’ll enjoy reading it!

If you do visit, please do leave a comment for RockStarLit. Timy and her team have been a delight to work with so far. 🙂

Tales from the Asylum: https://starlitbook.com/2019/09/25/spfbo-edition-victoria-corva/Read more

I’m a guest for Self-Publishing Fantasy Month!

Jason Aycock, the host of Self-Publishing Fantasy Month, kindly had me visit on his blog to talk about my self-publishing experience as a debut fantasy author. It’s a very personal subject and I hope my post gives people a better idea of what to expect!

Anyway! Here’s the link:

Expectation vs Reality: My Self-Publishing Debut: https://offthetbr.wordpress.com/2019/09/25/guest-post-expectation-vs-reality-my-self-publishing-debut/Read more

I am a Sensitive Badass: Autism, Anxiety, and Seeing the Doubleclicks Live

The blog post title over a galaxy background

I am not the kind of person who goes to live shows. I’m not the kind of person who leaves the house, to be perfectly honest; I have that potent mix of autism and anxiety that can make things difficult. But over the last few years I’ve got my life into something approaching emotional stability, and so I occasionally, tentatively, venture forth with the support of my partner to try things that were impossible for me years ago.

I am also not the kind of person who does music. At least, not the way other people do it. I can find it grating and there’s a puddle rather than a pool of things I will listen to.… Read more

BOOKS & BONE was reviewed on Libreture!

And it was *really good*! I feel very seen and understood and am more than a little emotional about the whole thing. Please do take a look if you’d like a spoiler-free look at BOOKS & BONE and what to expect from it.

My favourite quote: “Books and Bone is satisfyingly long, draws on the author’s long association with DnD, and is genuinely humorous to boot.”

https://www.libreture.com/blog/book-review-books-and-bone-victoria-corva/Read more

I’m a guest on Alder’s Grove Fiction! ‘The Internet Paid for my Book to be Published’

I’m a guest on Alder’s Grove Fiction! I talk about my Kickstarter experience, a zero-risk crowdfunding campaign, small successes and the generosity of others. Definitely worth a read if you want to crowdfund but are concerned about the risk and the size of your following!

Special extra thanks to Lyn for this one because when she heard that I was excited to be guest posting on others blogs (I cannot really bear to blog on my own site for some reason) she immediately messaged me with ‘Would you like to guest post on mine?’

Which was so lovely.

And while you are there, do check out Lyn’s amazing free fiction!… Read more

Guest Post on The Reading Life! How My Username Became My Pen-Name

The lovely Anne hosted a guest post by me on The Reading Life. She was a delight to be in contact with and her book reviews are excellent. Not to mention that her website has a gorgeous femme flowery aesthetic that I, in all my crow-wing witchery, am really enjoying.

It’s such a strange post and I can’t help but feel it’s not at all the kind of thing I’m supposed to be posting about on other people’s blogs, but Anne was really kind about it and I really want to share things that feel like me rather than things that promote my brand as an author (or whatever my brand is).… Read more

I’m a guest on The Reader’s Den!

Lovely author and book reviewer Lin Ryals kindly had me over on her blog to talk about writing about what frightens you until it becomes something familiar.

Includes some snippets from my life in which I am vehemently opposed to being anywhere near dead things. It’s funny how life turns out — sometimes even as funny as fiction. ^_^

Turning Horror Into Hope and Humour: linryals.wordpress.com/2019/06

Read more