Guest Post on The Reading Life! How My Username Became My Pen-Name

The lovely Anne hosted a guest post by me on The Reading Life. She was a delight to be in contact with and her book reviews are excellent. Not to mention that her website has a gorgeous femme flowery aesthetic that I, in all my crow-wing witchery, am really enjoying.

It’s such a strange post and I can’t help but feel it’s not at all the kind of thing I’m supposed to be posting about on other people’s blogs, but Anne was really kind about it and I really want to share things that feel like me rather than things that promote my brand as an author (or whatever my brand is).… Read more

I’m a guest on The Reader’s Den!

Lovely author and book reviewer Lin Ryals kindly had me over on her blog to talk about writing about what frightens you until it becomes something familiar.

Includes some snippets from my life in which I am vehemently opposed to being anywhere near dead things. It’s funny how life turns out — sometimes even as funny as fiction. ^_^

Turning Horror Into Hope and Humour:

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Crowdfunding for Broke Writers: Survey Results

I’m planning on crowdfunding to publish my already written and finished novel, Books & Bone. I’m not the kind of person who likes to jump into big decisions without really examining them, and I’m also extremely broke, so crowdfunding has a lot of risks for me.

So! I made a survey with a goal of a small sample size of 100 respondents (which is ambitious for me, since I have a very small network). I wanted it to be applicable to other writers in the same situation, so I kept the questions general.

You can view the results here but I’m going to break them down a bit anyway.

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