The Beautiful Decay by Victoria Corva

temp cover for Tombtown Book 2, The Beautiful Decay. Depicts a vibrant red mushroom.

Author: Victoria Corva

Publisher: Witch Key Fiction

Published: tbc


What can threaten the masters of death?

Something strange is happening in Ree’s sleepy hometown of necromancers — stranger than normal, that is. Denizens are disappearing. Tombhomes are standing empty. And a strange red fungus is popping up all over the crypts in halls of white marble that Ree cannot find on any map; all the more concerning, since she was the cartographer.

To save the town she loves, Ree will have to team up with the acerbic necromancer Usther and the exiled Chandrian Smythe to plunge into the depths of a crypt that is no longer familiar to her. Between their necromancy and her shapeshifting, she has to believe they can handle anything. Because if they don’t, their only hope is to abandon the only home she has ever known.

But an eerily alien crypt is not the only thing Ree has to contend with. No, something much worse is threatening Tombtown.



Content warnings
Contains undead, mild-moderate fantasy violence, fungal horror, and fantasy threat.

(Featured art is temporary. Cover coming soon!)

Coming to Kickstarter 2022

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