Familiar & Flame by Victoria Corva

Author: Victoria Corva

Publisher: Witch Key Fiction

Published: 13 November 2019

Formats: .EPUB, .MOBI

ISBN (EPUB): 978-0-4630577-4-2

Pages: 71


This novelette takes place after BOOKS & BONE and contains spoilers for it.

The Toothday festival is approaching, and Usther has finally caught Symphona, the girl of her dreams. She’s everything Usther could want: beautiful, powerful, cruel — the whole package. But constantly being on guard for betrayal is putting a strain on their relationship, as is Symphona’s jealousy of Usther’s only real friend.

And then there’s the matter of the mean little cat Usther can’t bring herself to kill …

On this, the unholiest day of the year, Usther will have to choose what kind of necromancer she really wants to be.

Content warnings
Contains undead, non-explicit sexual references, threat to animals, toxic/abusive relationship, mild-moderate fantasy violence, and fantasy threat.


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