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Ritual of Paint

The ritual began with paint.

Smeared across the eyes, across the lips, exaggerating the features, exaggerating the magic.

Then a nose to draw the eye: look here. Look at me. A mind-snare, but with a gentle purpose.

The rest varied: there might be hair, feather-fine and rainbow-hued. There might be shoes like flippers for land, to give the agility to fall *just* so.

But always, the paint and the nose.

Look at me.

It was a spell to fill a heart with laughter.

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Wishing to the rain

It’s dark. Rain rolls and bounces through the forest canopy and chimes against the windows of their little hut.

They don their coat and hood, fill their pockets with pebbles, and trudge out into the wet.

As they walk, they whisper. Each whisper goes with a pebble: lodged in the roots of an old tree; dropped in a puddle, newly formed; buried in the dirt with muddy fingers.

Each pebble is a wish, and when lightning cracks the sky, they’ll know that one has been granted.

A microfiction for Mastodon! Even micro-er than usual. ^_^

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The Golden Queen & the Crimson Scourge

The red dragon crumpled to the ground, her wings snapped, her heart bared and beating with a weak volcanic glow.

The knight limped up to that hulking, steaming body. His armour was scorched in places, and ripped free in others. With his bare arm –burned and wrapped in rags — he hefted a sword.

‘Time to put an end to this,’ he said, and drew back to strike.

He was knocked over by a whoosh of air from behind, the sword clattering across the floor.


The knight scrambled to bow. ‘Your Majesty.’

Her gaze was fixed on the fallen dragon.… Read more

Her Loving Shadow

She’d found him tied to a fence at the side of the road, a noose around his neck and no collar to be found. A large black dog with a thick ruff, long teeth, and eyes that gleamed red when they caught the light.

He’d gone with her meekly enough. Let her bathe him, feed him. Brush the tangles from his fur.

She never told anyone about the blood around his mouth — whatever he’d had to do to survive, she didn’t blame him.

He became her shadow, always at her heels, or watching over her shoulder while she played. If his eyes sometimes followed things she couldn’t see, then that was fine.

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The Shock Frog

There’s a crackle of electricity as you look up from your phone. Just as you realise it’s coming from your computer, something bursts from the screen in a flash of light and trailing lightning.

It lands with a plop on your desk. It’s a frog, lit up from inside like a firefly. It blinks at you slowly, first one eye and then the other.

Before you can move, it leaps again, this time vanishing with a hum and snap into your speakers. It emerges again a moment later.

You hold out your phone. It ribbits, chest bobbing, then leaps for you.… Read more

Into the Mirrordeep

‘In the Mirrordeep, you will face your true self,’ the witch had said.

So she descended into that matte black lake, and not a ripple appeared at her passage. Down through the dark and cold that slicked her skin as she drifted ever lower.

Slowly, darkness gave way to light. At the bottom of the Mirrordeep, in glassy water on a bed of crystalline sand, she found a cat with fur in rainbow hues, curled and wet and alone.

She took it into her arms. It huddled against her chest and she kicked back up to the surface.

When she breached, the witch nodded.… Read more

Fairytale Kiss

It was a kiss with teeth, all hunger and bloody mouths as the rain soaked them to the bone.

The elf leaned back, pressing a finger to her wounded lip. The goblin’s answering smile was razor-sharp.

‘This isn’t how this story usually goes,’ said the goblin. She ran her hands down the elf’s sodden, wind-tangled hair, her every touch feather-light.

‘Then someone has been telling it wrong,’ the elf replied. ‘For you and me, this couldn’t have gone any other way.’

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A Welcome Metamorphosis

They stretched and turned over in bed as sunlight streamed through the window. It was surprisingly luxuriant.

They opened their eyes and saw not hands but furry paws at the end of tabby-striped arms.

Startled, they rolled to their paws and took a quick inventory — their human body was gone, replaced by this unfamiliar feline form.

This should probably be cause for panic but … they were *extremely* comfortable. They circled twice, curled up, and went back to sleep.

Better than waking up a bug. Better than waking up a human!

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I am a Sensitive Badass: Autism, Anxiety, and Seeing the Doubleclicks Live

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I am not the kind of person who goes to live shows. I’m not the kind of person who leaves the house, to be perfectly honest; I have that potent mix of autism and anxiety that can make things difficult. But over the last few years I’ve got my life into something approaching emotional stability, and so I occasionally, tentatively, venture forth with the support of my partner to try things that were impossible for me years ago.

I am also not the kind of person who does music. At least, not the way other people do it. I can find it grating and there’s a puddle rather than a pool of things I will listen to.… Read more


He opened his eyes and there, white-smiled and wide-eyed in the midnight gloom, was the creature.

It hung back against the wall: long arms, long body, round head. Hairy, but in the way a shadow is hairy. A thing knit of night itself.

Before, he had closed his eyes and given in to fitful sleep. But now he gathered his courage and spoke: ‘What are you doing here?’

–Watching over you– Its voice was muffled and warped. –Rest now. You’re safe.–

After a moment, he did.

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