#VicorvaStoryTime: Joh and the Haunted Charity Shop

#VicorvaStoryTime: Joh and the Haunted Charity Shop

Originally a thread on Mastodon.

Have I ever told you about the haunted charity shop?

(I know I haven’t, because this is a *brand new* story!)

My partner, Joh, works for a collection of charity shops. They’re the driver, circulating stock from warehouse to shop to shop etc.

In this role, they get to see a lot of shops and meet a lot of people. It’s a pleasant, sometimes quite quirky job.

But recently, there have been rumours flying about a certain shop, and the spooky happenings therein.

Volunteers refuse to work there. Staff are too afraid to work alone. And getting someone to cover it is nearly impossible.


Because of its rather active ghost.

Over the last month or so there has been an explosion of supposedly spectral shenanigans.

Coins have spontaneously appeared and been thrown across the shop on more than one occasion.

Items move, things fall down.

At one point, a shoe was thrown with such force that it hit the window on the opposite side of the shop.

Weirdly, these have all been witnessed by multiple people. The shoe incident, by multiple people at once.

Is it really a ghost? Well … no. Ghosts don’t exist. Or at least, I don’t think so (and I certainly hope not).

But some of the witnesses didn’t believe in ghosts either, apparently. So let’s carry on as if it is.

This has of course caused curious employees to research the shops history. It’s a reasonably old shop and has been various things that could possibly lead to ghosts, including a WWII medical centre, but there are really no dramatic historical happenings that might suggest a ghost.

The thing is: this shop wasn’t haunted before.

So what changed?

Well, there are a lot of theories, of course, but Joh’s favourite relies on its present, not its past.

It’s a charity shop.

It recieves donations, often from the recently deceased.

So the theory is, it’s not the shop that’s haunted: it’s something IN the shop.

So maybe something was donated that the former owner didn’t want to lose, or had some particular attachment to.

And now it’s showing it’s displeasure by tossing coins and chucking shoes.

But what does that mean now?

Well, 1) that there are a lot of very nervous staff working at that shop

And 2) Joh intends to buy the shoe that was thrown in the hopes that the shoe was haunted

I am not on-board with number 2.

Anyway, that’s the story of how my partner decided to buy a haunted shoe.

The end.

Image by Manfred Antranias Zimmer from Pixabay

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