Boost Friday: A Black Friday Alternative for Indie Creators

Boost Friday: A Black Friday Alternative for Indie Creators

The Background

Oh hey! Every year I think about Black Friday and how little I like the culture of it. I do not at all begrudge people taking advantage of the sales, but I do think it’s an event by and for the huge corporations that have such massive profit margins that they can afford enormous discounts.

For indie creators — whether an author like me, or an etsy seller, or a game developer — it’s a little bitter to shrink your small sales even further for something you personally made and which I think largely, people are willing to pay *more* for, not less. What’s more, I’m then just feeding the huge corporate beast, right? I’m buying into their models. That doesn’t sit right with me.

In the past, I’ve tried various ways of countering this culture with what small platform I have. Threads of indie works that are not on sale, threads of free indie things you can enjoy from home instead of going out to get crushed by the Black Friday rush.

But this year I want to try something different.

The Idea

What if, instead of putting our works on sale, we kind of … reversed that? Changed it from a culture of customers snagging deals to a culture of audiences supporting indie creators?

What if we made our works cost more during the Black Friday period?

Thus was born the idea for Boost Friday, a reverse sale day where people pay more for the work of indie creators.

How to Join

All are welcome to join in. All you need to do is increase the prices of your works on Friday 27th November (or from Friday to Monday, as some of these sales go) and advertise that as a Boost Friday reverse sale to support indie work. That’s it!

And my preferred platform for digital work,, even has a reverse-sale function to allow you to do that. Pretty neat, right?

I have no idea whether anyone at all will take part in this odd little scheme of mine, whether creators or customers. But I figure it’ll be an interesting experiment all the same.



For reference, I’m increasing the prices of my work by +30%, or +50% if you buy them in a bundle. Here’s the page.

Image by me, feel free to use for Boost Friday purposes. 🙂

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